The holiday season can often leave us feeling exhausted, overstimulated and BURNT OUT, that’s why it’s the most important time to slow down and soothe your senses.
This workshop allows you to do just that, giving you the opportunity to set new intentions & direct your focus back to YOU!

Join Michelle for an experiential 2 hour deep dive into your senses through restorative Nidra and Yin Yoga, soothing all five senses and filling your cup for the winter and holidays ahead.

Reset & nourish your nervous system through:
Soothing music
SyNK’s weight therapy products & gentle hands-on adjustments/ soothing touch
Calming eye covers (this will be a blindfolded class, allowing for a deeper experience of our senses)
Diffused aroma & essential oil applications
Delicious treats after class to indulge our sense of taste.
A class to soothe and delight all of your senses.

Saturday, November 25th @ 7:00pm
Investment $55
Any questions, reach out to

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