Our Mission

At SyNK, we are more than just our quality products...

Our Intention Is to Create...

Awareness. Community. Connection. Lifestyle. 

A Practise & Products to Soothe Your Senses. 

Let's face it... Life can be chaotic, messy, and sometimes just a straight up disaster (refer to the year 2020!) but if we allow ourselves the space to sink below the surface of the storm we can begin to see things much more clearly. 

We wanted to create a product and a practice for our community and share a new approach... we call it "The Art Of SyNKing".

What is "The Art Of SyNKing" you ask?

It is the technique of slowing down, to sink beneath the surface and get your nervous system & overall being back in syncSyNK

Think alignment, balance, connection and homeostasis

Ever notice how you feel while receiving an amazing hug? We experience a rush of "Feel Good" Hormones!

Our products create a similar sensation by incorporating that soothing weight, appealing to our sense of touch and allowing us to relax a little deeper.

We believe rest is not only productive but crucial to living a healthy, happy, balanced life.

BEING is just as important as doing.

We are here to show you how...

  • Environment

    At SyNK we care about our planet and plastics aren't the only thing pilling up in our landfills... materials, clothing and textiles are a HUGE contributor!

    According to recent studies, North Americans send over 10 MILLION TONNES of clothing to landfills every year! 95% of which could be resused or recycled.

    This is why we are dedicated to using upcycled materials wherever possible when creating our products!

    Help us, help our planet!

    Remember we can only be as good as our environment.

  • Community & Connection

    "Alone, we can do so little;

    together, we can do SO much"

    - Helen Keller

    We believe community & connection are everything. This is why our company doesn't end with our products.

    This is a lifestyle brand built on trust, connection, on supporting causes to better each individual and the communities we live in

    (but it takes rallying together!).

    Often, when we set out to help others... we end up also helping ourself.

    You are meant to be here.

  • Nature

    Nature is arguably the most powerful medicine. We have all felt the positive impact of "unplugging" for a few days out in the wilderness... and if you haven't... go, NOW.

    This is why we incorporate the healing properties of nature into our products by using sand as our filler!

    You can feel the difference.

    But don't just take our word for it, try them today (we dare you)!