Our Story

Who are the faces behind SyNK!?

These are! Might be a bit dated, but these are the creative faces of the Father/ Daughter Duo behind SyNK! Michelle (featured on the left) is a Wellbeing Counsellor & Facilitator by day and a Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher by night. After a decade working as a Holistic Nutritionist, in the Health & Wellness field (and within her own anxiety journey), she witnessed her clients from all walks of life struggling with extreme imbalances such as; stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, and suffering from chronic pain. She became determined to get lasting results for her clients & find solutions! Michelle developed a therapeutic practise (including weight therapy products) allowing people to soothe their senses and transition them back into a state of homeostasis (= balance, therefore getting them back in sync). She educates groups and individuals on supporting our nervous systems, improving our mental, physical, emotional health and specializes in sleep, stress, digestive issues, sleep irregularities, hormonal imbalances and getting YOU back in SyNK.

Douglas (featured on the right) is an avid golfer (best dressed I might add), and the "In House Therapist" according to friends and family. Dad is our go-to-guy when we need advice, a shoulder to lean on, or a problem solved! So who did she turn to when she needed to bring this idea to life? You guessed it! Doug got straight to work, teaching himself to sew. Sewing prototypes, working with different types of materials and later teaching himself to become the expert serger he is today! After some trial and error they came up with the perfect formula. ... our SyNK weight therapy line was born!

SyNK is so much more than our products. It is a lifestyle, a way of life. When we sink beneath the surface and get back in sync with our true essence... ANYTHING is possible.

You are here for a reason and we are excited to have YOU along on this journey with us!