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Nidra Eye Pillow - Rest

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‘Nidra’ Eye Pillows

Nidra: meaning sleep 💤 is a meditation practice that induces a state of deep, but conscious relaxation.

The benefits of this practice are many…
✨Rewires neural pathways
✨Rejuvenates the body & brain
✨Up or down regulates the nervous system
✨Reduces stress & anxiety
✨Improves sleep, concentration, memory
✨Supports the immune system
And SO much more!

Our NEW Nidra Line are slightly smaller (3 3/4” x 9”) and lighter (.6lbs) versions of our original eye pillow and filled only with sand to bring the power of nature into your restful practice… grab this exclusive line while quantities last!


  • Inner bag and outer cover, snaps for easy removal & cleaning

  • Filler: Filtered Sand
  • Eases stress & anxiety. Helps to ground and release tension.



  • 3 3/4” x 9" (9.52cm x 22.86cm)

  • Weight: .6 lb
  • Outer Cover: 100% upcycled material with snaps

  • Inner Liner: Cotton Muslin

  • Handcrafted in Saskatchewan



  • Remove outer cover, turn inside out. For best results hand wash in cold water or on delicate cycle. Hang to dry

  • Avoid dropping or throwing Eye Pillows as this can split/wear out the seams

  • Do not bleach